Quality seedlings for Coconut, Arecanut, Nutmeg and Pepper



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The king of spices Black pepper is another crop preferred to be grown in Coconut and Arecanut plantations as intercrop. It is trained in the palms and the micro environment of the gardens are utilised in an efficient manner. We propagate Pepper seedlings from three well known propagule types (a) primary stem with long internodes,

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Nutmeg is one among the high value plantation crops and it is grown as intercropping in Coconut grooves. Nutmeg trees inside the Coconut gardens are perfectly balanced with the two tier cropping ecosystem. It accommodates well in Coconut plantations and also vice versa Nutmeg offers a congenial environment to support the main crop by reducing

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We select the seeds from regular bearing trees and have the specified characteristics of nuts. Seeds are being sown in adequate spacing and developed in well matured seedlings.  12 to 18 months old seedlings are distributed to the farmers who go for intercropping in Coconut gardens. We are one among the leading Arecanut seedlings nursery

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Selected seedlings with the age of 9 to 12 months after planting. Seedlings that are germinated earlier, have good girth at the collar and early splitting of leaflets are selected for planting We offer quality seedlings of popular varieties & types with a minimum of 6 leaves and a girth of 10 cm at the

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