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Services (Crop Makers)

Crop Makers – A unit of Kamalam Nursery

Farm Caretaking and management services

We are Crop Makers and Farm caretakers. Crop Makers take care of your farms and crops with its expertise in farm management. In particular Crop Makers is working in all kinds of horticulture and plantation crops. Crop Makers is based at Pollachi `The land of Coconut” and now it is renamed as “The land of Plantation Crops” by Crop Makers. The greeny region is full of Coconut, Cocoa, Arecanut, Nutmeg and other plantation crops. In the backdrop you can see a mesmerizing view of Anamalai Mountain. The location is surrounded by the gigantic Western Ghats. It is huge and stands guarding all of us.

Crop Makers undertake all types of farm management works on contract and turnkey basis. From seed to fruit, seedling to tree, pit making to produce harvesting- you get solutions and services. Crop Makers do help the farmers with timely technical advice. Crop Makers have been in this region since 1999 and we have about 20 years of experience in farm management projects. Now Crop Makers have become a synonym for Good Crop Care services. We started the venture Crop makers during the year 2009-10 to cater the Cocoa farmers, now it is very well appreciated by the entire farming community of this region.

We do  job work and outsourcing  farm activities in a  professional way. We have introduced a concept of ”Farm Process Outsourcing (FPO)“, which is very much utilized by the absentee farmers. Apart from crop care services, Crop Makers also offer consultation services on nutrient management, agronomical consultation, plant protection services and post harvest management. Coconut and Cocoa are the major crops in the region. Crop Makers provide a complete consultation cum management service for Cocoa and Coconut farm management. Crop Makers have also served the farmers who have Arecanut, Nutmeg and Banana.

We are engaging a set of trained farm workers and mechanizing the farm activity to the extent possible for an efficient way of crop management. Our farm workers are taught on each and every farm activity and its impact on crop health. They are supporting the farmers and nursing the crop to maintain healthy farm conditions.


Our farm clientele base is spread across Coimbatore, Dindigul, Erode, Salem and Namakkal districts. Crop Makers are committed and keen to expand their operations to the other parts of Tamilnadu in coming years.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
To provide a complete package for all agronomic and management practices to farmers on a consulting and contractual basis.
To create an exclusive farm process outsourcing services and provide timely technical advice for better crop health management


We undertake turnkey projects. We are experts in integrating all the required resources to make it happen in the farms. We can convert the fallow or vacant lands into productive one. Turnkey projects start from bush clearing to take up planting of seedlings with the support for better establishment. We have so far established about 32 well established farms through the complete turnkey projects. We support the growers with our technical and farm management expertise even after handing over the farms after planting. We continue our farming relationship with the growers and provide our products and services in their need.

Farm Consultation Service

Farm consultation is our core strength and delivers the best solutions to the farming community. We can provide them with the most suitable solutions regarding farms based on nonfarm based requirements. We have solutions like plugins and a comprehensive one. We use the latest technologies to communicate the timely information and share the knowledge about the crops. We are working on the farm value chain integration process to make the farm business ventures more profitable. The absentee and weekend farmers are very well appreciating our efforts.

Farm Management Contracts

Farm management is a challenging task due to the prevailing scarcity in skilled workers for specific farm activities. We have a team of skilled man power, who are specifically trained on different farm management tasks. We engage them for the crop management works. We do take up all types of intercultural operations in plantation crops like, Coconut, Cocoa, and Nutmeg, Arecanut, Banana and other orchard crops. We take care of the farms of the farmers who reside in the nearby towns, cities and even abroad. We take up task basis contracts and also the long term management engagements. 

The activities include sowing, planting, Nursery establishment, Poly house construction and management, nutrient management, crop protection services, harvest contracts and market linkages.

Cocoa Connect

We are a team with about 25 years of cumulative experience in Cocoa cultivation and management. We do take up new cocoa establishment works to maintain the well established cocoa farms. We are managing about 2540 acres of Cocoa farms in and around Tamilnadu. We are regularly serving 121 cocoa farmers for the past 15 years. We take up all the intercultural operations like, Cocoa planting, Irrigation infrastructure establishment, nutrient management, Crop protection solutions and harvesting activities. 

We are specialists in Cocoa pruning and cocoa nursery activities. We have so far managed about 12300 acres by regular pruning services every year. We have been in the cocoa pruning services since 2007 and provide cocoa health management services. We are the pioneers in Cocoa stem borer management. We have introduced the stem injection technique to control the Cocoa stem borer in the cocoa gardens. We also manage and provide crop protection solutions for Tea mosquito bug menace in cocoa, mealy bug infestation, Cocoa pod rot and Black pod disease, seedlings blight and stem canker diseases. 

We are managing the Cocoa farms in and around Pollachi and also visiting the cocoa farms in and around Tamilnadu for cocoa advisory and management solutions. 

Crop protection services

Crop protection services to all the plantation and vegetable crops in the region have been taken up as plug and play methods and also as comprehensive crop protection services. We have very innovative products and services for pest and disease management of Cocoa, Coconut, Arecanut, Banana, Nutmeg, Cucurbit vegetables, Mango, Sapota, Citrus , Amla  and all types of orchard crops. 

We undertake the assignment on soil application, spraying, weed management, Stem injecting for cocoa, Bordeaux mixture application for Cocoa trees, root feeding solutions for coconut, banana sucker treatment and banana stem injecting etc., 

We have specialized products which are customized for specific crops, crop stages and crop areas.  We not only provide services and also develop customized crop protection products. 

New Market Linkages

Marketing is the key for any business or commercial activity. We are establishing new market linkages for the farm produce value addition and marketing with incremental income. We are acting as aggregators and facilitators for Farm produce procurement. We do have clients for farm produce purchasing arrangements. We are supplying coconut, tender coconut, cocoa, banana, arecanut and vegetables to the domestic and overseas markets. We work with farmers and clients to value add the farm produce, standardizing the post harvest techniques, specialized packing and transport. We have developed new protocols for farm produce handling, packing and post harvest of farm produce. We are exporting raw coconut, raw tender coconuts, treated coconuts  and treated tender coconuts  and other farm products to Europe , Southeast asian countries and the United states of America.

Complete Solution Provider For Your Farm Needs