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Pepper (Piper nigrum)

The king of spices Black pepper is another crop preferred to be grown in Coconut and Arecanut plantations as intercrop.

It is trained in the palms and the micro environment of the gardens are utilised in an efficient manner.


We propagate Pepper seedlings from three well known propagule types (a) primary stem with long internodes, with adventitious roots which cling to the standards (b) runner shoots which originate from the base of the vine and have long internodes which strike roots at each node and (c) fruit bearing lateral branches.


We raise cuttings from runner shoots, though terminal shoots can also be used. Cuttings from lateral branches are seldom used since they develop a bushy habit. However, we do prefer rooted lateral branches that are useful for raising bush pepper.


It’s one among the most popular Pepper varieties in cultivation in the southern part of India, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is a well suited type for intercropping in Coconut and Arecanut plantations. Yielding potential of fresh pepper is 3 to 5 kgs per vine per year and its dry yield recovery is about 32 to 38 %.

Panniyur 1

This is the first hybrid in Pepper developed by Panniyur research station. It is a very old hybrid produced 3 decades ago. It is also a very popular hybrid among the farmers and widely grown in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Berries are bigger than other varieties. It prefers moderate shade and yields about 510 kgs of dry berries per acre.

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