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Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)

Nutmeg is one among the high value plantation crops and it is grown as intercropping in Coconut grooves.

Nutmeg trees inside the Coconut gardens are perfectly balanced with the two tier cropping ecosystem. It accommodates well in Coconut plantations and also vice versa Nutmeg offers a congenial environment to support the main crop by reducing the micro climatic conditions and maintains the humidity that favors more flowering and nut setting. Moreover the interspace between the two rows of Coconuts are effectively utilised by Nutmeg and gives more value per unit area of production.

We handle two types of planting materials in Nutmeg crop, they are seedlings and budded plants.

Nutmeg Seedlings

Careful selection is made in terms of seeds and then grown under favourable climatic conditions to ensure the higher germination percentage. The nursery period is managed by technically sound people and 6 months old seedlings are distributed for transplanting.

Nutmeg Budded plants

The budding is done with precision by the trained workforce and care is taken during the setting period. The well set budded plants at the age of 12 months are preferred to be planted.

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